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Moreing definition
[mawr-ing, mohr-ing]
verb, compar. of muching or manying with mosting as superl.
1. Moreing is an artform. It's the curated multiplying of the same object
in one space. It was first seen in 2012 and is believed to have its roots
in fashion before progressing into street art.

Example of use in language:
"Leo has mored his car with hood ornaments."
"Did you see that morer with five pairs of sunglasses on?"
"Why does an octopus need eight arms? That's moreing."

Moreing - Video 1
Moreing - Video 2
Moreing - Video 3


Some think it's art smashing head on into fashion. Blurring the lines and collecting followers.

The 'Morer' creates impact through repetition. What separates 'Moreing' from 'Clumping' is curation, structure and an artistic sensibility.

Anything can be 'Mored', the more successful pieces beautify the mundane. Creating visual hightlights on a person, an animal or any landscape.

Leo Addison, creator of moreing, combines art, fashion and concrete gnomes to create the next big thing.


People trawl the web for inspiration, while a handful do the inspiring.
They are The Starters.

Pioneering in their innovation, seemingly effortless trendsetters.
They disrupt, polarise and create conversation.
And they shape the ideas that people dare to share.

Cadbury Boost is honouring these few in the Boosted Inspiration Series.